Videography and Photography

Some of my videography and photography work can be seen here. If you have an event or project you'd like documented, such as a performance or a conference, please reach out to me through the contact page. I'd love to hear about what you're doing and how I could help.

Einige meiner Video- und Fotoarbeiten können Sie hier sehen. Wenn Sie eine Veranstaltung oder ein Projekt haben, das Sie dokumentieren möchten, wenden Sie sich bitte über die Kontaktseite an mich. Ich würde mich freuen zu hören, was Sie tun und wie ich Ihnen helfen kann.

Opera on Tap

Here's a quick video showing the singers of Opera on Tap at Prachtwerk in Neukölln. The theme of this December show was "Saints and Sinners".

Urban Confest 2023

This conference featured all kinds of fun activities in addition to serious workshops and debates about urban planning, the Russia-Ukraine war, and living together in the modern world. 

Good Night, Fox!

A short video art project to acompany a short story by Angelina Davydova, "Good Night, Fox!", presented at Urban Confest 2023. 

Ecolabelling Conference 2019

A few of the board members of Global Ecolabelling Network explain the past and future of their organization, which help coordinate ecolabelling efforts around the world.