Stage Directing

Since 2014 I’ve been producing and directing plays in my hometown of Davis, California. I’m passionate about classic works of 19th- and 20th- century, which is why I named my group the Art Theater of Davis (after the Moscow Art Theatre) and have focused on producing playwrights from their seminal time period, including Chekhov, Ibsen, Strindberg, and Pirandello.

One aspect of my directing that I particularly value is developing original translations/adaptations for each production. Working with Adam Siegel and other translators, ATD has developed and performed scripts from Russian, French, Italian, Swedish, Dano-Norwegian, and German. In my experience, collaborating with translators and actors on a translation for performance invigorates the work, keeps us honest to the playwright and ourselves, and teaches us differences of theatrical language and action.

The Seagull by Anton Chekhov, 2017, Davis Cemetery District.

Hedda Gabler by Henrik Ibsen, 2014, Third Space Art Collective.

Poster images from Art Theater productions I produced and directed, except The Master Builder, which was directed by Matt Urban. Poster design for The Collection and The Seagull by Edward Bennett and for Hay Fever by Denise Dempsey.